Trader Joe’s January 2024 New Items I Can’t Wait To Try

Sharing all the Trader Joe’s January 2024 new items I can’t wait to try. 

Trader Joe's January 2024 New Items

I have a permanent note on my phone titled “Trader Joe’s New Items.” It’s separate from my “Trader Joe’s List” note and I use it to track new items that have caught my eye when they popped up on Insta. I haven’t gone on a TJ’s run in a few weeks and my “New Items” list is burning a hole in my phone. I’m heading to my happy place this week and I can’t wait to add these items to my cart.

Trader Joe’s January 2024 New Items

Brown Sugar Cardamom Buns:

Don’t waltz past the fresh baked goods section! These cardamom buns seem generously sized and would be perfect to curl up with for a slow, sweet start to a winter weekend day.

Chocolate Almond Protein Smoothie:

I like their Vanilla Almond Spiced Chai Protein Smoothie for days when sitting down to a breakfast just isn’t possible. So I’m optimistic to try out the newest protein smoothie from TJ’s. At $3.50, it’s a good price for a protein-packed breakfast. You can find these in the refrigerated section next to the milks and juices.

Spicy Peanutty Noodle Bowl with Chicken:

There’s just something about warm noodle dishes in the colder months that feels right. This Spicy Peanutty Noodle Bowl fits the bill – each bowl has wheat noodles, minced chicken, veggies (including bok choy, carrots, and onions), all mixed in a savory, spicy peanut sauce. I’d love this bowl for an easy lunch to just pop into the microwave instead of ordering takeout.

Beef Bulgogi:

This might be one of the items I’m most excited to try. Trader Joe’s has a few beef bulgogi options, one in their marinated meats section and the other in their Beef Bulgogi Fried Rice with Kimchi (both are delicious and repeat purchases). This beef bulgogi can be prepared in the microwave or on the stovetop and would be great to have on hand for a simple dinner starter. Just add brown rice, quinoa, or your favorite grain and serve with a veggie. Kimchi is a must!

Aglio Olio:

I am a sucker for TJ’s seasoning blends, you’ll know that with just a glance into our kitchen cabinet. Aglio Olio seasoning blend includes minced garlic, sea salt flakes, parsley, red bell pepper, red chili pepper, and safflower oil. I can’t wait to use it to jazz up pasta sauce, or even Trader Joe’s tomato & roasted red pepper soup (read here for more ideas on that!). Add to olive oil or hummus and dip in a slice of crusty bread. Sprinkle over homemade pizza. Add to butter and use as a rub. Lot of possibilities here!

Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste:

I love the scent and flavor of vanilla, it’s just so comforting and brings up happy memories of baking in the kitchen with my mom and grandma. I’m going to pick up this Bourbon Vanilla Bean Paste to drizzle into my morning chai latte and/or brush over the top of a breakfast croissant.

Jalapeño & Cream Cheese Crispy Wontons:

TJ’s frozen appetizers section is a treasure trove of flavors. You can, and I have, make an entire meal out of their apps. The new Jalapeño & Cream Cheese Crispy Wontons look savory, spicy, and perfect to bring to a friend’s home for book club or a football game.

What new items are you excited to add to your cart?

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