Friends’ Recommendations: Best Peloton Instructors & Classes

Sharing the best Peloton instructors & classes from the bike to barre and beyond to keep you motivated and moving!

Best Peloton Instructors Classes

It’s really only fitting I’m writing this post right after finishing a killer (in a good way) 30 minute Peloton ride with Tunde Oyeneyin and then immediately followed it up with a brutal (again in a good way!) 10 minute arms class also with Tunde. My arms will probably be ready to fall off tomorrow morning so it’s good I’m doing this now while the adrenaline is still going.

I went to spin classes fairly regularly pre-2020. I loved going to spin classes. And I loved the challenging climbs, the music, the dynamic teachers, and the overall cathartic experience of just getting sweaty.

I would walk out of the dark spin studio on cloud nine.

Sadly, my favorite local spin place closed its doors during the pandemic so I haven’t been on a bike to nowhere in a long, long time. Then a friend offered an amazing deal on their very gently used Peloton bike and I just couldn’t say no. I got on the bike as soon as my cycling shoes arrived and I’ve been on a daily streak ever since. The Peloton hype now makes complete sense to me. Once I’m on that bike, the rest of my day and the world just melts away and I’ve already seen the mental health benefits but that’s a completely different post.

I asked over on Instagram for Peloton instructor recs and the responses were so enthusiastic and thoughtful!! I’m compiling all of their recommendations here because they need to be in one place we can all access. Bookmark this page next time you want to get in a good workout, feel motivated, get moving, and have a fun time!!

Best Peloton Instructors & Classes

Spin Classes:

“Allll the Cody Rigsby classes. I love him so much. I take him when I don’t want to get on the bike or need to decompress. Robin when I want to kick ass or am annoyed/frustrated, and Ally when I want to be inspired or cry it out. I also like bike bootcamps — it’s fun to get on and off the bike and it feels like an amazing workout,” says Kate.

“Leeann Hainsby’s classes are so good and positive.” – Melinda

Diana says, “Take the 20 minute low impacts — so worth it to just ride”

“I love Cody and Bradley Rose’s classes. Lately started doing the bike bootcamp and I love them!” – Anna

Marta, one-half of Capitol Hill Book Club, recommends, “Hannah C when I want something easy, Olivia when I want to pass away. Emma is my go to. I also like Jenn.”

“My hubby loves Alex’s classes!” – Danielle

Molly recommends, “Cody is great, Olivia for a killer challenge, and I love Tunde and Kendall, too.”

“Ally Love is my fave. Her pop and hip hop rides are great!,” says Jess.

From Amanda, “Cody, Kendall, Alex, Jess Simms! And all the classes are amazing.”

“I looooove Kendall and Cody for the bike. Kendall’s mental health ride this year — so many tears.” – Liza

Samantha says, “I think you’ll like Leanne, Brad Rose and Ben Alldis. I also think on the American side you’ll like Robin and maybe Cody (he’s just vibes) and Ally and Emma. For James, I say try Alex Toussaint. He’s really tough! You’ll like Kendall Toole’s classes, she plays a lot of punk rock from Y2K and the 2010s. Christine and Jen play a lot of yacht rock. Sam Yo plays a lot of music from 60-70s. Cody plays a lot of Britney and Camila is great for a lot of Bad Bunny. My boyfriend personally loves the lady German instructors since they play a lot of Euro dance music. The class is all in German lol. Hannah Frankson is fantastic! Tunde is also a beast cycle instructor! She’s plays a lot of rap.”


Marta also says, “I love Callie’s strength classes and Ally’s barre classes. They are all good. Hannah’s barre classes are good, too.”

Samantha recommends, “Hannah Corbin has good barre classes.”

“Their barre classes are good, too!” – Amanda


Alex from Roses & Radicchio highly suggests taking “The whole yin yoga series!”

Other Workouts:

“Walking, I love Matty and Jess King. All over weights, Robin and Ally Love. A good quick weight class that’s not a finisher is the Flash 15 with Jess Sims.” – Liza

“Kendall’s boxing classes are good, Callie is great, too, and Emma’s Crush Your Core program is crazy.” – Samantha

What Peloton instructors and classes would you add to this list?

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  1. 2.24.24

    Robyn’s PINK ride was the best I’ve ever taken! And Jenn’s Epic sing along is just fun’

    • 2.24.24
      laurenreddington said:

      Adding both to my list now! I love PINK’s music!