My Favorite Sitcoms To Watch On Repeat

Sharing the best 90s sitcoms to watch on repeat when you want a dose of nostalgia and happiness! 

Favorite 90s Sitcoms To Binge

In the age of streaming, we have more possible shows, movies, and documentaries to watch at our fingertips than ever before. But time and time again, I find my remote heading straight to an old favorite sitcom I’ve rewatched what feels like a thousand times. I grew up on sitcoms and even as an adult give me a sitcom over a drama any day of the week.

Sitcoms are essentially the TV equivalent of comfort food. They make you feel happy, you love and care about the characters, and let’s be honest — who doesn’t love seeing a problem resolved in 22 minutes?

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Best 90s Sitcoms To Binge

Golden Girls

Probably easily the sitcom I rewatch the most, Golden Girls just has it all. The sharp quips, iconic actresses, unforgettable fashion, and all the rattan home decor against a Miami backdrop. Is there anything better? Honestly and seriously no. There isn’t. A Friday night with a glass of wine, Golden Girls on TV, and my favorite candle lit, and I am perfectly content.

The Nanny

Of course the flashy girl from Flushing is on this list! Although you heard it here first: CC Babcock is the original quiet luxury style influencer. I remember watching this series with my mom and a lot of the jokes went way over my head but I was hooked. Watching The Nanny fills me with such nostalgia, I swear it causes an immediate serotonin hit. Plus, who doesn’t love Niles’ incredible one-liners? Except perhaps CC!

Best 90s Sitcoms list

Will & Grace

Are you starting to see a trend for my favorite sitcoms? Witty banter is a MUST and nobody does that quite like Will & Grace and Karen & Jack. Or even Just Jack. I’m currently rewatching Will & Grace alongside the rewatch podcast, Just Jack & Will, hosted by Sean Hayes and Erick McCormack. Cannot recommend this podcast enough if you are a W&G fan! I love learning the thought process behind so many decisions made on the show’s direction, from wardrobe choices to character personalities and quirks, and enjoy hearing from their guests, including the show writers and producers.

Bingeworthy Sitcoms

The Office

I’m a millennial. Of course, I love The Office. And I will admit, The Office gifs are always among my most used — especially the “It’s happening!” gif. There is nothing cozier than taking a trip to Scranton to revisit your pals at the friendly neighborhood paper company Dunder Mifflin.

What are your favorite sitcoms to watch on repeat? 

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