Best Summer Hats for Women

Sharing a roundup of the best summer hats for women and how I wear and style them.

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With summer here and its sunshine definitely already here, I’ve been reaching more for my hats whenever I leave the house. Hats are a fun accessory to add panache to any outfit and they also protect your skin from prolonged sun exposure.

In the summer, I always reach for a hat if I know I’m going to be outside for awhile – whether it’s out taking Riley for a long walk or dining al fresco.

My summer hat collection, like all my style collections, is determined by versatility. I need my hats to work for a variety of outfits and events! This post is all about the best summer hats for women and how they can adapt for all summer travel and activities and (hopefully) provide outfit inspiration for those warm summer months.

Best Summer Hats for Women

Packable Sun Hat

I packed my packable sun hat with a bow (pictured above and below) on our honeymoon and it was a true workhorse in my carry-on capsule wardrobe.  You could scrunch this sun hat and bend and twist it and I promise it will not lose its shape! This sun hat was perfect for keeping the sun off my face as we walked miles through Spain, France, and Italy. It comes in a variety of colors including cream (my hat), navy, light blue, pink, and even striped. At $65, the packable sunhat is a total steal when it comes to cost per use. I reach for this hat all summer long – from walks with Riley, rooftop dinners with James, and when we go to the beach.

Packable Sun Hat

The Classic Panama Hat

The Panama hat is a classic for a reason. Its trademark thick black band and woven texture make this hat easy to dress up or down. I picked my Panama hat up at a shop in Arizona when I found myself facing a long day of bright sunshine without any hat protection and it’s been a staple in my summer hat collection ever since. This $25 Panama hat from Amazon is the closest I’ve found to my hat’s color combination. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, I also really like their khaki color option! Speaking of khaki, I found a $39 Panama hat from Nordstrom in that colorway that would be fantastic all summer long.

The Classic Panama Hat

The Colorful Wide-Brim Sun Hat

Sunshine Tienda is one of my favorite places to shop for hats. I love a fun colorful accessory and Sunshine Tienda delivers with a variety of color combinations. Sunshine Tienda is a on the pricier end of this list of summer hats but so, so incredibly worth the investment! I wrote an entire post on how to pick the right size for your palm sunhat and I’d recommend referencing the post before you make your pick. My style (Aura) is no longer available but the Berta Palm Hat is quite similar in colors. Note to self: add their adorable hot pink raffia hat holder to cart!

Best Summer Hats for Women

Bucket Hat

Whenever I think of bucket hats, I think of Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries when she’s trying to hide her new princess celebrity status. I loved Mia’s look then and I love it now, especially for summer time and post-pool hair. How cute are the pops of color on Sunshine Tienda’s bucket hat? If you’re looking for a more neutral bucket hat option, the rest of the round-up after all under $100!

Baseball Hat

Is there anything more quintessentially Americana summer than the baseball hat? Whether you’re singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” in the 7th inning stretch, hot dog in hand, or just need a quick hat to keep the sun off your face while you run errands or go sit by the pool, the humble baseball hat gets the job done. You really can never have enough!

Foldable Visor

I added this foldable visor (another great Amazon find!) to my hat collection a few years back and it’s perfect for stashing in your tote in the summer. Like my packable sun hat, my foldable visor can get squished or crammed into any shape and it will pop back into place. Plus, I love the bow detail in the back!


Yes, the visor love continues! Visors come in all styles, from sporty to casual. Whether you’re hitting the pickleball courts in this colorful, sporty visor or heading out to lunch in this adorable raffia visor, visors have you covered.

Beach Hats with Chin Straps

Now that we live closer to the beach, we are planning more trips to spend the day by the Pacific Ocean. We’ve also chatted about maybe going on a boating adventure or trying our hand at paddle boarding. This calls for a hat that is more secure and won’t run the risk of flying off your head in a flash. The answer? Chin straps!

I found this straw hat with chin straps that has 4.3 stars and nearly 4,000 reviews on Amazon. The retailer? A throwback brand I hadn’t thought about in years – Roxy!

Nobody knows beach style quite like Roxy, do you remember wearing Roxy in middle and high school to look like a cool surfer girl even though you lived nowhere near the ocean?

If you’re looking for a less sporty beach hat while still wanting the security of chin straps, this wide-brim Panama-style hat would fit the bill. It also comes in a variety of neutral tones. I also love this beach hat with chin straps that looks like I need to book a tropical getaway!

UV Protection Sun Hat

Of course, I wear a sun hat to add an extra sun protective layer in addition to my usual Supergoop Glowscreen or Sunscreen Unscreen. But did you know there are sun hats with built-in UV protection? I will admit there aren’t the most glamorous hats on this list but they get the job done for those wanting to avoid the sun’s rays.

Floppy Hats

I know! I can’t believe we have gotten this far down on the list without mentioning floppy hats. Between Palm Royale on Apple TV and me re-watching Real Housewives of New York City Seasons 1-3, the floppy hat has been on my mind. It’s a classic staple for a reason! They’re easy, breezy, and provide great coverage. My all-time favorite floppy hat is one with a monogram like this Etsy find!

Gardening Hats

While pretty much all of these on the list could work as a gardening hat, you want to make sure your gardening hat is tough and reliable to handle the dirt and sweat. My go-to brand for gardening hats is L.L. Bean, they’re the best for all activities outdoors! I like the wide-brim style of this garden hat plus it comes in a variety of colors, all under $50. L.L. Bean also has a hat with built-in bug repellent that will keep the sun off your face and neck for those long hours having fun in the flower beds.

Which summer hats are in your summer wardrobe? 

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