Aligning And Action-ing in 2024

Chatting a bit about my mindset heading into 2024

Aligning And Action-ing in 20242023 was a really big year for me. I said goodbye to a job I absolutely loved and hello to a new job in a brand new industry. My site received a much-needed refresh and overhaul. But I will be honest — I spent most of the year in “surviving, not thriving” mode.

With all the big life changes happening right after the other, I struggled a lot with limiting beliefs in 2023. More so than in previous years. I shared more about this last week on my newsletter (you can read the email here and sign up to join my newsletter here).

Because I allowed these limiting beliefs to take over, I felt like most days I was running on fumes and very low energy. I didn’t post on here as often I would have liked. All too often, I would find myself sitting in front of my laptop, fingers poised over the keys, and whoosh all my thoughts would dissipate and writer’s block would take over.

This couldn’t continue. I felt out of alignment with myself and in a freeze state.

Aligning And Action-ing in 2024

Over the last few months, I’ve been doing the work to get myself back into the flow and kick those limiting beliefs out of the driver’s seat.

I haven’t done a “word of the year” in ages but for 2024, my words would be “aligning and action-ing.” I know “action-ing” isn’t technically a word but I like the sound of it so we’re going with it. I’m getting back into alignment and taking myself out of that freeze state.


I make time for meditation after Riley’s morning walk. Even if it’s just 3 minutes, I make the time in my day because I know how much better I feel on days where I do my breathwork and meditate.

In the fall, I signed up for a yang/yin yoga class and it was a game changer. The first 30 minutes of class are all about sun salutations and standing poses to release nervous energy and fidgeting, the remaining 30 minutes focuses on deeper floor stretches to relax and release. I swear, I walked out of the yoga studio feeling lighter and less burdened. It sounds wild but I could tell my face was longer because I was no longer constantly, subconsciously clenching my jaw. Going to this class on a regular basis has been essential to my mental well-being and I prioritize putting this class on my calendar.


A fair amount of my writer’s block this year came out of the limiting belief that my idea for a post wasn’t good enough, interesting enough, or I didn’t have beautiful, aesthetic images to go with it. This is just silly.

I let this ridiculous belief prevent me from picking up my camera to snap photos like the one above in this post. I also let it stop me from writing when writing has always been a natural part of my daily life. Again, just silly.

Over the holidays, I spent the quiet moments brainstorming new ideas for posts and photos I could take. Ideas that excited me and ones I knew I could bring to life in a fun, creative way. During the site refresh process, I remembered about how much content I already have here. Behind the scenes, I’ve been making notes on which posts need an update — whether that means new photos, new links, new copy.

SEO has been a focus of mine for the last 2 years and I’ve seen amazing results from those small extra steps. I’m working my way through an online SEO course currently and taking notes to kick SEO into even further action in 2024.

Let’s get going!

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  1. 1.14.24

    I’m getting back into my blog this year as well! What online SEO course are you taking?

    • 1.16.24
      laurenreddington said:

      Hi Gentry, I’m so happy you’re getting back into your blog as well! I always love reading it. I’m taking the SEO course through The Blog Societies!